Colin Watson of Torbrex Road Carbrain Cumbernauld calling out on PMR 446

Colin shouts on his Baofeng handy radio on PMR channel 1 from the Carbrain bridge Cumbernauld using a Watson antenna and 5W of power with line of sight to Glasgow. He is being picked up by a Cumbernauld parrot repeater a few miles away which is helping to get his message across to different directions. Colin passed away last year on 18th August 2017 after becoming very ill with Pneumonia and other complications due to his bad health problems while in hospital recovering after a surgery. This video content is from 29th October 2014 almost four years ago. He is sadly missed. He provided good conversation, friendship and value entertainment. I considered the man a good friend. This is the first time I have shared this video. Colin was quite a rich man and he bequeathed me all his estate in his will. Around £35,000.

Colin on the Phone after shouting on PMR 446 MHz on his Baofeng handy radio from the Carbrain bridge Cumbernauld on 29th October 2014. Something he just loved to do.

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