The most Important Day in History.


Gravity (2013) HD,DD,WS

BBC Radio 1 – Top 40 of 1991 with Jason Dolan

John Barrowman Sold Out Scotland

John Barrowman the actor, living in the USA most of his life since his parents moved there in the late 1970′s from Glasgow, Scotland and now living in England, He doesn’t give a shit about the future of Scotland. He already has his fame and his money and that is all that matters to people like him. Along comes Mr Darling, hello John, I’ll pay you cash to talk some Read More...

Andy Moor feat Sue McLaren – Fight The Fire

Watching Sky News HD early this morning around 2 am.The Police helicopter crashed into the Clutha pub on Stockwell street at 10.25 pm last night. All I can say is, they were very lucky it didn't explode on impact! Because everyone inside and even the surrounding area would have been blown to bits. It is a sad start to St Andrews Day.

In 2006, the Scottish Parliament passed the St. Andrew's Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Act 2007, which designated the Day as an official bank holiday. If the 30th November falls on a weekend, the next Monday is a bank holiday instead. Although it is a bank holiday, banks are not required to close and employers are not required to give their employees the day off as a holiday. The University of St Andrews traditionally gives the day for all the students as a free holiday, but this is not a binding rule.

Dash Berlin Feat Emma Hewitt – Waiting

Yup everything is ok :-) Just starting something new! :D - Something very important and special, And you are going to love it for many years! ;-)